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Welcome to the Industrial Encoder Specifications Help Page!

Industrial Encoders are rotary and linear devices which determine the position of part of a machine. Rotary encoders determine shaft position, while linear encoders determine linear position.

Encoders may be either incremental or absolute.

Key Encoder Specifications

You must know the following information to specify an encoder:
  1. Absolute or Incremental Encoder
  2. Rotary or Linear Encoder
  3. Resolution required
  4. Uni-directional or Bi-directional motion
  5. Operating voltage, very commonly 5 volts, also 12 and 24 volts available
  6. Single-ended (A, B, C), or Differential (A, B, C, /A, /B, /C) outputs
  7. Mechanical requirements
  8. Environmental considerations

To Order an Encoder

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