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Definition: TENV

A TENV enclosure on a motor means "Totally Enclosed, Not Ventilated".

TENV motors are used in a wide variety of smaller horsepower variable speed applications. It is particularly effective in environments where a fan would regularly clog with dust or lint.

The motor is constructed with a dust-tight, moderately sealed enclosure which rejects a degree of water. The motor radiates its entire excess heat through the body of the motor: Hence, the TENV motor has extra metal and extra fins to allow radiation of this heat.

The TENV motor is commonly built with special high temperature insulation, since the motor is designed to run hot. As such, care should be taken to avoid human contact with the body of the motor, as well as contact between inflammable objects and the motor.

Notice that this motor is not suitable for use in "washdown" or "Hazardous" enviroments.