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Definition: TEWC

A TEWC enclosure on a motor means "Totally Enclosed, Water Cooled".

TEWC motors are very rare, but are useful in two key areas:

  1. TEWC motors are excellent for use where keeping exhaust heat minimized is key, such as enclosed buildings in warm climates.
  2. TEWC motors are excellent for high horsepower operation at low speeds.

The TEWC motor is constructed with a double shell body, through which flows water. The water removes the heat very efficiently, needing only 4 to 8 liters per minute to remove the waste heat from a 100 horsepower (75 kW) motor. This water may then be sent to a drain or a heat exchanger.

Notice that these motors are usually custom built, so they are very expensive. However, they are inherently capable of being customized for a wide variety of difficult applications, so they should be considered in odd circumstances.