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Refill Instructions
Instructions for the Brother LC41C, LC41Y, LC41M, and LC41BK Cartridges

Updated July 26, 2006


The ink in this cartridge is retained because the cartridge has a valve.


Step 1) Put the cartridge on some paper towels in an area where you can tolerate a spill.

Warning: This cartridge can be somewhat messy to refill. Please wear latex or rubber gloves and old clothes. Cover all surfaces that the ink can drip onto with newspaper.

Step 2) Locate the label which says "Brother LC41x", where x represents the color C, M, Y, or BK

Step 3) Holding the label sdie as the front of the cartridge, go to the right side of the cartridge. You should find a relatively clear "window" towards the top of the cartridge.

Step 4) Make a hole in the "window" area. Do not drill, since this make make shavings which can clog the printhead. We suggest melting the hole with a soldering iron or a large metal paperclip which has been heated in a flame.

Step 5) Fill the syringe bottle with ink. Use:

  • WJ-1010, WJ-1020, or WJ-155 Black
  • WJ-244 Cyan
  • WJ-6053 Magenta
  • WJ-7006 Yellow
To fill the syringe, squeeze the syringe bottle and insert the needle into the large ink bottle. Tilt the bottle if necessary so that the ink covers the end of the needle. Now, relax your grip and let the syringe suction up the ink into the syringe bottle.

Step 6) Take the syringe bottle and inject the ink slowly into the "window" hole that you made on the top right of the cartridge.

Fill the entire cartridge with ink.

Step 7) Using black electrical tape, seal the hole airtight. You must get this seal airtight or there will be a large leakage of ink! You may choose to use a dab of hot glue instead of tape. Do not use ordinary "scotch" tape, masking tape, or duct tape, since these tapes will not form an airtight seal.

Step 8) Install in printer.

To Clean the Printhead

Clean the printhead only if the cartridge doesn't print or prints in streaks.

Follow the directions in the printer manual.

To Clean Your Sink

The ink is water-soluble. Use plenty of soap and warm water. You may also need to use Comet or a similar cleaner if the stains persist.

To Clean Your Hands

On hands, the best substance to use is Ink Be GoneTM, a specially developed hand cleaner available from ACSI Bulk Inks. (To place an order, Click Here.)

To Place An Ink Order

You can telephone us at 1-888-728-2465 (USA Tollfree) or 1+740-374-9949. You can also Order Online or by other ways including by Fax, or by Postal Mail, or by EMAIL.

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