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QY6 Printhead Listing for Canon Inkjet Printers

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NOTE: Older models are located at bottom of table.
Printer Model Canon Printhead
Price Qty to
PIXMA iP90 QY6-0052-000 $75.00
PIXMA iP1000 QY6-0044-000 $59.95
PIXMA iP1500 QY6-0054-000 $59.95
PIXMA iP2000 QY6-0054-000 $59.95
PIXMA iP3000 QY6-0042-000 $95.00
PIXMA iP4000 QY6-0049-000 $85.00
PIXMA iP4000R QY6-0049-000 $85.00
PIXMA iP4200 QY6-0059-000 $85.00
PIXMA iP5000 QY6-0057-000 Discontinued
PIXMA iP5200 QY6-0061-000 $125.00
PIXMA iP5200R QY6-0061-000 $125.00
PIXMA iP6000D QY6-0050-000 $75.00
PIXMA iP6600D QY6-0063-000 $125.00
PIXMA iP8500 QY6-0055-000 $125.00
i70 QY6-0046-000 $105.00
i80 QY6-0052-000 $75.00
i250 QY6-0044-000 $59.95
i320 QY6-0044-000 $59.95
i350 QY6-0044-000 $59.95
i450 QY6-0047-000 $79.95
i455 QY6-0047-000 $79.95
i470D QY6-0047-000 $79.95
i475D QY6-0047-000 $79.95
i550 QY6-0045-000 Discontinued
i560 QY6-0042-000 $95.00
i850 QY6-0042-000 $95.00
i860 QY6-0049-000 $85.00
i900 QY6-0050-000 $75.00
i950 QY6-0043-000 Discontinued
i960 QY6-0043-000 Discontinued
i9100 QY6-0039-000 Discontinued
MultiPass F20 QY6-0037-000 $59.95
MultiPass F30 QY6-0034-000 Discontinued
MultiPass F50 QY6-0034-000 Discontinued
MultiPass F60 QY6-0041-000 Discontinued
MultiPass F80 QY6-0041-000 Discontinued
MultiPass MP500 QY6-0059-000 $85.00
MultiPass MP700 QY6-0042-000 $95.00
MultiPass MP730 QY6-0042-000 $95.00
MultiPass MP750 QY6-0049-000 $85.00
MultiPass MP760 QY6-0049-000 $85.00
MultiPass MP780 QY6-0049-000 $85.00
MultiPass MP800 QY6-0061-000 $125.00
MultiPass MP950 QY6-0062-000 $145.00
S200 QY6-0038-000 $39.95
S300 QY6-0037-000 $59.95
S330 QY6-0037-000 $59.95
S400 BC-30e Black Ink Cartridge $37.95
S400 BC-33e Color Ink Cartridge $49.95
S400 BC-34e Photo Ink Cartridge $49.95
S450 BC-30e Black Ink Cartridge $37.95
S450 BC-31e Color Ink Cartridge $42.95
S450 BC-32e Photo Ink Cartridge $42.95
S500 QY6-0034-000 Discontinued
S520 QY6-0034-000 Discontinued
S530D QY6-0034-000 Discontinued
S600 QY6-0034-000 Discontinued
S630 QY6-0034-000 Discontinued
S750 QY6-0041-000 Discontinued
S800 QY6-0035-000 $125.00
S820 QY6-0040-000 $125.00
S820D QY6-0040-000 $125.00
S830D QY6-0040-000 $125.00
S900 QY6-0039-000 discontinued
S4500 BC-30e Black Ink Cartridge $37.95
S4500 BC-31e Color Ink Cartridge $42.95
S4500 BC-32e Photo Ink Cartridge $42.95
S9000 QY6-0039-000 $discontinued
Selply DS700 QY6-0056-000 $59.95
Selply DS810 QY6-0056-000 $59.95
BJ-300 QY6-0024-020 $225.00
BJ-330 QY6-0024-020 $225.00
BJC-600 QY6-0030-000 $235.00
BJC-610 QY6-0031-000 $235.00
BJC-620 QY6-0031-000 $235.00
BJC-800 QY6-0026-030 Discontinued
BJC-820 QY6-0026-030 Discontinued
BJC-880 QY6-0026-030 Discontinued
BJC-8200 QY6-0035-000 $125.00

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1 or 2 printheads - UPS Ground Shipping and Handling to USA Addresses - $6.95
3 to 5 printheads - UPS Ground Shipping and Handling to USA Addresses - $8.95
1 to 2 printheads Priority Mail Shipping/Handling - $12.50
3-5 printheads - 3-day Shipping and Handling to USA Addresses - $15.00
3-5 printheads - 2-day Shipping and Handling to USA Addresses - $20.50
3-5 printheads - Overnight Shipping and Handling to USA Addresses - $40.50
6 to 10 printheads - UPS Ground Shipping and Handling to USA Addresses - $10.95
CANADA - 1 or 2 printheads Air Post Shipping and Handling -- $7.50
CANADA - 3 to 6 printheads Air Post Shipping and Handling -- $17.95
International Shipping Charges -- to be quoted.

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