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Dye-Based Inks

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These inks have excellent dynamic range but fade quicker than pigmented inks. They are more suited for indoor use. These inks have no water resistance.

Pigment-Based Inks

Pigmented inks have superior fade resistance and are more suited for exposure to sunlight than dye-based inks. They also show a degree of water resistance, but are not "water-proof".

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Refilling Tips

Colorspan printers have an "ink profiler", which is a counter which counts your ink usage. The counter is updated at the completion of each print job. To bypass this, add a 1 to 3 foot (30-100 cm) section of white space to the end of your print job. While the printer is "printing" in this white space, simply cancel the print job. The ink usage will not be recognized by the printer.

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