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Save 90 Percent on Your Inkjet Printing with Inkjet Ink-by-the-PintTM!

Here's How:

They Hooked Us! We Were Caught! We Escaped!
The major printer companies sell their inkjet printers at very low prices. At our small family-run business, we thought this was a great deal -- after all, a color printer for only a few hundred dollars sounds great, right? (Remember, this was way back in 1997!) A few weeks later, we ran out of ink and had to purchase a new cartridge. We'd been caught! We had to pay nearly $30 for an ink cartridge! Now we knew why the printer was so cheap. We had to do something. We got mad and found the factory which makes the ink for some of the printer companies. They've been making ink for over 20 years.

Now, we sell pint bottles of ink for reasonable prices to the average inkjet owner. Look below for our pricing!

Do Printers Need Different Inks?
Many cars use Economy gasoline. Sports Cars use Premium Gasoline. And big trucks use Diesel Fuel. In the same way, each inkjet printer uses a particular set of inks which gives the best performance.

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Each of our inks was developed especially for the cartridge(s) it is used in, and will likely differ in viscosity, surface tension, chemical composition, and shade from other inks we provide for other cartridges. That's one way we ensure that you have the best quality inks available -- with as good a performance as the originals!

Promoters of "One Size Fits All" inks are simply trying to reduce the inventory they have to carry -- and your print quality will suffer because of it.
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Our Pricing

We sell inkjet ink in large Pint bottles. All prices are in United States Dollars.
InkPrice per PintPrice per QuartRefills per PintPrice per Refill
Economy Black$21.95$39.9510 or more$2.20 or less
Pigmented Black$34.95$59.9510 or more$3.50 or less
Cyan (Blue)$23.95$42.9520 or more$3.60 or less (assumes 3 colors)
Magenta (Red)$23.95$42.9520 or more$3.60 or less (assumes 3 colors)
Yellow$23.95$42.9520 or more$3.60 or less (assumes 3 colors)
Most newer printers use Pigmented Black ink for better quality printing.

Four Color Special!

Photo-Printer Owners

Second Special!

You will need an empty syringe or syringe bottle to inject the ink into your cartridge. We sell 1 oz (30ml) empty syringe bottles as follows:
As you can see, if you buy 2 syringe bottles, we'll give you 2 more syringe bottles free!

Clean Your Hands

Remember to ask us about Ink Be GoneTM hand cleaner, $5.95 for a 2 oz bottle!

We also have Volume Pricing if you need larger quantities of ink or syringe bottles or check out Our Dealer Program

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Shipping and Handling

Ground Shipping and Handling to USA 48 Contigous States:
Click here for other locations. We ship worldwide.

Sales Tax, GST, and VAT

We must charge Georgia, USA residents sales tax. Click here for more information.


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Our normal business hours are:

You may order 24 hours a day by our On-line Order Form, Fax, Email, or Postal Mail by following this link to our order forms.

Five Most Common Reasons for Using Bulk Ink!
  • Price -- We save you 80 to 90 percent!
  • Convenience -- No need to drive long distances to find a new cartridge!
  • Independence -- You can stock up ink for months ahead!
  • Frugalness -- No wasted cartridges!
  • Environmentally Friendly -- Don't fill the landfills!

Why Our Prices are So Low

There are several ways to buy ink. Most people buy ink in cartridges.
Others buy their ink in refill kits.

Each of these methods requires someone to put the ink into tiny containers. Fancy packages are required for the retail stores. And all of the different refilling instructions for all of the different cartridges must be printed up seperately.

We found that by putting the instructions on our website and selling Inkjet Ink By The Pint (TM), we save enough money on fancy packaging that we can bring you this ink for our low prices.

How do I Refill my Cartridge?

Click here for detailed instructions for your specific cartridges. Every cartridge is different, but the general method is:
  1. Find the right hole (or drill one) in your present cartridge.
  2. Inject the ink through the hole with our syringe bottle.
    (These are available 1 for $7.50 or 4 for $15.00).
    You may use your own syringe if you have one.
For more details on how to refill your specific cartridge,
get the number(s) off your cartridges and
you can check our Online Refill Instructions,
where we have detailed Instructions for each specific cartridge.

Cleaning Up

Our ink will stain your hands -- after all, it's ink! So we found a hand cleaner which was specially developed for inkjet ink. It's called Ink Be Gone and you can get a 2 oz(60ml) bottle of it from us for $5.95.

Our Moneyback Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our ink please let us know
and we will replace it free of charge or refund your money.
Saundra L. Boley, 1-304-622-5086, 8:00 to 17:00 Eastern USA Time, M-F.
Automation Consulting & Supply, Inc.

To Order

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Please note that we are closed on Sundays,
and on Wednesday and Friday evenings after 9 PM Eastern USA Time for telephone orders. However, you may still order by our On-line Order Form, Fax, Email, or by Postal Mail.
We ship worldwide.

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