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Bottles and Caps

ACSI now offers empty plastic bottles and caps for sale. In addiition to the basic cylinders listed below, we also offer ovals, Rounded plastic, and jars. In glass, we offer vials, retangular, diamond, rounds, and jars. And yes, we offer different caps also. Call us with your requirements.

Empty Bottles

Number of bottles per case may vary from number listed.

Milky-white, Translucent Bottles

Empty plastic HDPE (High Density Poly-Ethylene) straight-side cylinder bottles in natural (translucent, milky white) color. The following bottles are available:

SizeStyleOpening O.D.Opening Depth CodePrice EachBottles/CasePrice/Case
1 OZCylinder20 mm410$0.351500$195.00
2 OZCylinder20 mm410$0.45830$160.00
4 OZCylinder20 mm410$0.50450$102.00
8 OZCylinder24 mm410$0.75260$75.00
16 OZCylinder24 mm410$0.80108$75.00
16 OZCylinder28 mm410$0.80140$95.00
32 OZCylinder28 mm410$1.2570$65.00
Note: Gallons are difficult to ship, since each case is charged $50.00 penalty by UPS for oversized package.

Clear Bottles

Empty PET or PVC clear straight-side cylinder bottles.
SizeStylePlasticOpening O.D.Opening Depth CodePrice EachBottles/CasePrice/Case
2 OZCylinderPET20 mm410$0.45900$216.00
4 OZCylinderPET20 mm410$0.50450$125.00
8 OZCylinderPET24 mm410$0.75363$154.00
16 OZCylinderPVC24 mm410$0.85180$90.00
16 OZCylinderPVC28 mm410$0.95180$95.00
32 OZCylinderPVC28 mm410$1.3096$75.00


Match the Diameter and the Depth Code when ordering Caps. All Caps are White Polypropylene. The following Caps are available:

DiameterStyleDepth CodePrice EachCaps/CasePrice/Case
20 mmWhite Cap with Liner410$0.20144/Bag$20.00
20 mmWhite Cap with Liner410$0.205600/Cs$336.00
24 mmWhite Cap with Liner410$0.20144/Bag$20.00
24 mmWhite Cap with Liner410$0.204000/Cs$240.00
28 mmWhite Cap with Liner410$0.22144/Bag$22.00
28 mmWhite Cap with Liner410$0.222900/Cs$218.00
28 mmWhite Cap with Liner400$0.20144/Bag$20.00
28 mmWhite Cap with Liner400$0.205000/Cs$225.00
20 mmWhite Turret Dispensing Cap410$0.35144/Bag$35.00
20 mmWhite Turret Dispensing Cap410$0.354100/Cs$799.00
24 mmWhite Turret Dispensing Cap410$0.35144/Bag$35.00
24 mmWhite Turret Dispensing Cap410$0.352600/Cs$499.00
28 mmWhite Turret Dispensing Cap410$0.39144/Bag$39.00
28 mmWhite Turret Dispensing Cap410$0.391800/Cs$430.00
20 mmWhite Easy-Open/Disc Dispensing Cap410$0.35144/Bag$35.00
20 mmWhite Easy-Open/Disc Dispensing Cap410$0.353600/Cs$485.00
24 mmWhite Easy-Open/Disc Dispensing Cap410$0.39144/Bag$39.00
24 mmWhite Easy-Open/Disc Dispensing Cap410$0.392400/Cs$468.00
20 mmNatural Yorker Cap (BBQ) with red tip410$0.35144/Bag$35.00
20 mmNatural Yorker Cap (BBQ) with red tip410$0.353000/Cs$400.00
24 mmNatural Yorker Cap (BBQ) with red tip410$0.39144/Bag$39.00
24 mmNatural Yorker Cap (BBQ) with red tip410$0.391800/Cs$240.00
28 mmNatural Yorker Cap (BBQ) with red tip410$0.39144/Bag$39.00
28 mmNatural Yorker Cap (BBQ) with red tip410$0.391400/Cs$230.00

Various Odd Bottles and Caps

SizeStyleMaterialOpening O.D.Opening Depth CodePrice EachBottles/CasePrice/Case
2 OZBoston RoundNatural HDPE20 mm410$0.501000$330.00
4 OZBoston RoundNatural HDPE24 mm410$0.70450$162.00
8 OZBoston RoundNatural HDPE24 mm410$0.90294$124.00
16 OZBoston RoundNatural HDPE28 mm400$1.10119$100.00
32 OZBoston RoundNatural HDPE28 mm400$1.50108$108.00
1 OZBoston RoundFlint Glass20 mm410$0.70432$145.00
1/2 OZBoston RoundFlint Glass20 mm410$0.65720$235.00
1/2 OZBoston RoundAmber Glass20 mm410$0.65720$235.00
1/2 OZBoston RoundLDPE20 mm410$0.202750$215.00
16 OZCylinderClear PVC24 mm410$0.75243$75.00
16 OZCylinderClear PVC28 mm410$0.80180$58.00
16 OZJarClear PVC89 mm410$0.90112$58.00
Large Orders: Contact us for special pricing for order of 10 cases or more.

Minimum order: $20.00 (may include inks, etc.)

Shipping and Handling - We normally ship by UPS Ground and bill according to the weight of the shipment. Please note that UPS charges an oversize box fee. Because of this charge, typical per-case bottle freight charges will range from $15 for East Coast to Midwest up to $25 for West Coast delivery locations. Cases of caps will have shipping and handling charges in the $8 to $15 range. Large orders may be more cost effective to ship by truck.

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