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Dealer Program

This page gives details on our Dealer Program, which is for companies and individuals which buy and resell our ink and cartridges. If you prefer not to handle the warehousing and shipping issues, please check our other Programs which we have for Drop Shipment and Advertising Affiliates.
  • Dealer Requirements
  • Success
  • Make up to 60 percent profit on retail price of ink
  • Low stocking requirements
  • Efficient use of shelf space
  • Instructions provided
  • Technical support
  • UPS and alternative shipping available
  • Payment Terms.
  • Starting a Refill Business
  • Additional Information for International Dealers
  • For More Information
  • Dealer Requirements

    There are 4 key requirements to be a Dealer with ACSI Bulk Inks.

    1. You must be a legally operating business by the laws of the juridictions in which you are located.
    2. You must provide us with a resale certificate or equivalent document.
    3. You must demonstrate a good credit history to receive credit payment terms from us.
    4. We must enjoy doing business with you. We are a small company and enjoy doing business with most of our customers on a friend-to-friend basis. If you act like a jerk, we'll let you know. If you keep acting like a jerk -- we will refuse to sell to you.


    We have found that the following types of companies are most likely to be successful selling our ink:

    Two other business approaches are possible and have mixed results:

    While many of our customers are highly professional businesses with sophisticated operations, we also sell to many home-based businesses, students, and part-time operations. Here's some ideas.

    Feel free to call us with detailed questions after you read this section of our website.

    Make up to 60 percent profit on retail price of ink

    Our aggressive discount program allows you to make up to 60 percent gross profit off the suggested retail price of our ink. Here's how:

    Your Purchase Prices

    1. To receive a discount, you must order at least one carton.
    2. A carton is defined to contain either 12 pints, 12 cartridges, or 4 gallons.
    3. If you order 1 to 3 cartons, you receive a Level I discount: 40 percent off retail price.
    4. If you order 4 to 9 cartons, you receive a Level II discount: 50 percent off retail price.
    5. If you order 10 or more cartons, you receive a Level III discount: 60 percent off retail price.
    There are a few conditions:

    Low stocking requirements

    We offer four separate suggested initial stock programs.

    Efficient use of shelf space

    Our bottles ar 7 1/2 inch high by 2 5/8 inch diameter.Our bottles measure 7 and 1/2 inches high by 2 and 5/8 inches diameter (190 mm x 67 mm). This allows you to use 8 inch (200 mm) shelf spacing, and fit four bottles deep on a 12 inch (300 mm) deep shelf.

    We suggest use of a narrow, vertical display space.Because of the manner in which consumers purchase these products, the suggested display program is to place the bottles in a narrow, vertical configuration. In this way, you don't need to devote extensive premium shelf space to these items unless you plan a major promotion. Then, we suggest using an endcap in a high traffic area to generate impulse buys.

    Instructions provided

    We provide refill instructions for most printer cartridges on our Internet website and through our Toll-Free Telephone number 1-888-728-2465. (Outside the USA, use +1-304-622-5086 or Fax +1-770-554-1851). This contact information is on each bottle of ink.

    In addition, serious dealers should consider purchasing our Refill Instructions Book, which provides information on about 70 different cartridges, and include a cross-reference to several hundred different printers.

    To buy an excellent book on this subject, which includes startup advice and instructions, Click Here!

    Technical support

    Any questions about our program or our ink, call 1-888-728-2465, 8 AM to 5 PM, Eastern USA Time. (Outside the USA, use +1-304-622-5086 or Fax +1-770-554-1851).

    UPS and alternative shipping available

    Payment Terms

    We accept VISA, Mastercard, Amercan Express, Money Orders, Certified/Cashier's Checks (both pre-paid and UPS-COD) from new accounts. No company or personal checks accepted until an acceptable credit history has been verified.

    (Upon reading this section you might conclude that our Credit department is rather strict. You'd be correct. We've been burnt in the past and don't want to be burnt again. Of course, if you pay your bills on time, we'll get along just fine.)

    For more information

    For more information on our Dealer program, call 1-888-728-2465 or 1-304-622-5086 between 9 AM and 5 PM, Eastern USA Time. Ask for Brian Boley. Or email us at Order Email.
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