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International Dealer Program

We establish two types of Dealers for non-USA markets:
  1. Ordinary Dealers
  2. Exclusive Dealers

Ordinary Dealers

An Ordinary Dealer is treated just as described on the previous page.

Currently, we are looking for additional distribution in all countries.

Exclusive Dealers

This program is new as of 5-May-2001.


Exclusive Dealers are granted several advantages: In essence, you will become our partner in your country.


In return for these concessions, several requirements are placed upon Exclusive Dealers. Countries where we are looking for Exclusive Dealers as of 5-May-2001:
Europe: All
Middle East: All
CIS: All
Asia: All
Africa: All
South America: All
North America: All
Pacific: All

For more information

For more information on our Dealer program, call +1-304-622-5086 between 9:00 and 17:00, Eastern USA Time (New York). Ask for Brian Boley. Or email us at Order Email. Our FAX Number is +1-770-554-1851.

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