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Stock Order I: Stocking Inventory Package for Small Stores

This inventory package is a recommended initial stocking package for small stores who wish to cover the most commonly requested inks, yet wish a minimal investment in stock.

Suggested Stock Order I

WJ106 2WJ242 1WJ635 1WJ716 1
WJ114 2WJ276 2WJ668 2WJ745 2
WJ1014 2WJ264 2WJ659 2WJ737 2
WJ161 2WJ268 2WJ663 2WJ741 2
WJ163 4WJ258 2WJ652 2WJ720 2
WJ165 4 WJ2372WJ6392WJ7182
WJ1010 4Empty Syringe Bottles 40
WJ190 4 Epson-Compatible Plugs100

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