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Stock Order III: Stocking Inventory Package for SuperStores

This inventory package is a recommended initial stocking package for large stores who wish to cover the entire market, most commonly requested inks, with a coverage of 99 percent of the marketplace.


Excellent Pricing

This package is priced at the Level III discount prices. This gives you a cost of 60 percent off suggested retail price.

99 percent market coverage

This stock supports about 99 percent of the inkjet printer market. The most common HP, Canon, Epson, IBM/Lexmark Xerox, Borther, and Apple printers are supported, along with a host of other printers. Many older and less common models are also supported, including many engineering plotters.

Moderate shelf space requirements

There are a total of 43 SKU's in this order. This can easily be displayed in an array of 6 x 7, 7 x 7, 5 x 9, or 15 x 3. For example, an array 4 shelves high would occupy about 3 foot height x 6 foot width, if your shelf was 1 foot in depth. This area would hold an inventory with a suggested retail value of about $9,300, or about $515 per linear foot of shelf space.

We suggest a 3 foot x 1 foot bin for the syringe bottles.

Low risk

As always, you have our Moneyback Guarantee. If you decide that you can't sell the ink, simply return unsold and undamaged stock to us within 1 year of purchase and receive your money back. (By the way -- call us first for a return tracking number so we can give you proper credit.)


Larger inventory investment

The total cost for this stocking order is $4713.64. Since we pay UPS-Ground freight on all orders totalling more than $2000, this is the total cost required.

Suggested Stock Order III

WJ106 - 12WJ219 - 12WJ615 - 12WJ706 - 12
WJ114 - 12WJ221 - 4WJ622 - 4WJ708 - 4
WJ138 - 12WJ241 - 4WJ634 - 4WJ710 - 4
WJ1014 - 12WJ237 - 4WJ635 - 12WJ716 - 12
WJ161 - 12WJ242 - 12WJ637 - 12WJ717 - 12
WJ162 - 4WJ243 - 12WJ638 - 12WJ718 - 4
WJ163 - 12WJ244 - 12WJ639 - 12WJ719 - 12
WJ164 - 4WJ245 - 12WJ659 - 12WJ720 - 12
WJ165 - 12WJ264 - 12WJ721 - 4
WJ171 - 12WJ737 - 12
WJ174 - 4
WJ190 - 12Empty Syringe Bottles - 500

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