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Stock Order 4: Stocking Inventory Package for Small Refillers

This inventory package is a recommended initial stocking package for small refillers who wish to cover the most commonly requested inks, yet wish a minimal investment in stock.

This stock is exclusively focused on the fastest moving black inks.

Number of PintsPart NumberRetail Price per PintPrinters Supported
1WJ-106$21.95Older Lexmark and HP #26
1WJ-163$21.95HP #29, #20
1WJ-1021$34.95Newest HP Type 10/11
1WJ-1023$21.95Brother LC02/04
3WJ-1010$34.95Newer Lexmark, Compaq, Xerox, HP
1WJ-114$21.95Older Canon BC-02 and Apple
1WJ-165$21.95 Newer Canon BC-20/21 and Apple
1WJ-1020$34.95 Newest Canon and Apple
2WJ-190$21.95Most Epson

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