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Dealers and Affiliates Wanted

ACSI Bulk Inks is expanding its Dealer force worldwide. Now, you can make money selling bulk inkjet ink.

Program Options

We have four seperate programs for:
  • Dealers
  • Cartridge World Dealers
  • Drop Shippers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Affiliates
  • Dealer Program

    An ACSI Ink Dealer is a company or individual which buys ink from ACSI and resells the ink. If conditions are met, Dealers are eligible to buy the ink at discounts which range from 40 to 60 percent off retail pricing. Discounts require that at least 12 pints of ink or 12 cartridges be purchased at a time for shipment to a single location. Of course, Dealers can always sell ACSI ink and cartridges at any prices they wish to. Ink can be shipped to you in ACSI-branded containers, or in neutral, unbranded containers.

    Dealers typically sell inks in one of three ways:

    Cartridge refilling can be a profitable part-time or full-time occupation. Of course, like any business, there is the potential for loss. A rough way to estimate the potential for your area is to assume a mature refiller's market potential of about $10-$15 per person in the local population per year. This is the level a well-run business can hope to achieve after about 5 years in operation, assuming no other refillers in the local area.

    We are particularly interested in locating Dealers located outside the USA.

    For more information on the Dealer Program, Click Here or ask for a Dealer Summary by contacting us.

    Cartridge World Dealers

    If you are a Cartridge World francisee, we offer a discount program to allow you to purchase ink from us at prices equal or better than your normal sources of supply. Contact us at 1-888-728-2465 for more information. Note: We are not affiliated with Cartridge World in any way.

    Drop Shipment Program

    Some individuals prefer to take orders for our ink products, but not handle the warehousing and shipping issues. Our Drop Shipment Program is for you. In this program, you take orders from your customers and order from us. You specify your customer's shipment address, but provide us with your credit card information. We bill your card the normal retail price -- you bill your customer whatever price you prefer. If you specify, we can ship the ink in unbranded containers.

    To take advantage of our Drop Shipment Program, simply take orders, call us and place orders.

    Representative Program

    ACSI Bulk Inks is currently looking for part- and full-time commissioned sales representatives in the USA. Sales representatives are paid a commission on the business which they bring in and may sell other companies' products as well as our products. Key sales markets are: If you believe that you can be successful in any of these markets, please send us your resume and a cover letter explaining why you can succeed with our products. Include a contact phone number and email.

    ACSI Bulk Inks
    Attn: Sales Rep Hiring
    7190 State Route #60
    Clarksburg, WV 26302

    Affiliate Program

    We do not currently have an Affiliate Program. However, we are happy to exchange links with your website provided your website is consistent with our values. To exchange links, contact us.

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    For more information on our Programs, call 1-888-728-2465 or 1-304-622-5086 between 9 AM and 5 PM, Eastern USA Time. Or contact us.

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