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Ordering by Email

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You can email us at Order Email to order, or ask general questions at our Questions Form.

To use the following form, simply:

  1. Highlight the form with your mouse while holding the left button.
  2. When highlighted, hit CTRL C on the keyboard. This copies the form.
  3. Start an email.
  4. Put your cursor in the body area of your email composition window, and
  5. hit CTRL V on the keyboard. This pastes the form in your email message.
Be sure that any ink orders have at least the following words in the SUBJECT line: "ink order". (You may add other words, also).

The Form

Include the following in your email:
  1. Your name and email address:
  2. Company (if applicable):
  3. Voice telephone number:
  4. Fax number (if applicable):
  5. Shipping address:

    City, State, Zip:
  6. Best time for us to contact you:
  7. List of WJxxx ink numbers you need and your specific printer model:
    Black: WJ-
    Cyan: WJ-
    Yellow: WJ-
    Printer Manufacturer:
    Printer or Cartridge Model Number:
  8. Quantity of ink you need and pricing:
  9. Number of syringe bottles you need:
    Bottle pricing is:
  10. Number of bottles of Ink Be Gone Hand Cleaner ($5.95 each):
  11. Freight:
  12. We accept American Express, VISA, Mastercard, and Discover (Novus).
    You might choose to send half of the card information on one email, and the other half of the card information on a second email. Or feel free to telephone or fax us the information. Be sure to include:
  13. We accept US and Canadian Money orders for US funds, as well as your personal check. However, we may wait for your check to clear the bank before we ship.
  14. Domestic UPS-COD orders are also accepted, but this may delay your order a few days. UPS will also charge a $7.50 COD fee.
    By the way, UPS-COD orders must be paid by cash cashier's check or money order -- no checks accepted.
  15. We accept international bank transfers also. A fee of $40.00 is charged on all bank transfers less than $1000.00.
  16. If you need refill instructions, just ask, or check our on-line instructions for your cartridges.
  17. We are adding new printers all of the time, so ask us if you don't see your printer listed in our on-line listing.
  18. Thank you.

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