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How long does it take the ink to get to me?

That depends upon where you are located.

We are in Southeastern Ohio, in the East Central USA. We normally ship the same day all orders received by 12:00 Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Approximately 3-4 percent of our orders are delayed for up to a week in shipping. These are usually orders for odd printers, or large amounts of ink. 96 to 97 percent of our orders will ship within 1 business day.

In the USA, we normally ship by UPS Ground or smaller orders by Priority Mail. You may request and receive faster shipping by asking for it and paying an additional charge.

Overseas, we normally ship by air parcel post. You may also request UPS Express service, which usually takes 2-3 business days or less, but costs 3-4 times as much. Please note that in some countries, particularly in South America and Africa, the mail is not secure and we will only ship by UPS Express.

All days listed below are business days. They do not include Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.

Please Click Here for a map which shows delivery days to USA locations.

Check the Chart below for non-USA locations.

Canada, Mexico, Central America, or non-US Caribbean Islands1-2 weeks by Air Parcel Post 1-2 weeks by Air Parcel Post
South America, Western Europe, Central Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Oceana, Japan, or South Korea 2-3 weeks by Air Parcel Post 2-3 weeks by Air Parcel Post
Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, or Africa1-3 weeks by Air Parcel Post 1-4 weeks by Air Parcel Post

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