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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need bulk ink?

Here are the key uses of bulk ink:
  • Consumers and businesses want to save money.

    When you purchase bulk ink, your ink costs typically drop by a factor of 5 or 10. For example, a typical HP cartridge costs $29.95 in most retail stores. Ten cartridges would cost about $300. We can sell you enough ink for ten refills for $21.95 plus a $7.50 syringe.

  • Convenience

    In some areas, it is difficult to purchase a cartridge. If you have the bulk ink, you can refill many cartridges without leaving your office.

  • I want to mass-print brochures on my desktop.

    Desktop brochure printing is simply not practical without bulk inks. But with bulk inks, it becomes very simple to print on demand in your own warehouse. We've found that the HP Deskjet 2000, 2500 and 2200 printers are excellent printers for this function since they have four seperate, large-capacity cartridges and they have excellent reliability. For lower volume needs, we suggest the Canon 6000 products. Our compatible inks sell for $99.00 per four-color pint-sized set. This makes the price per brochure comparable with offset printing.

    With desktop brochure printing, you can develop 10 versions of a brochure and print out just as many copies each day as you need. And you can also change the brochure on a daily basis.

    Note: Most other inkjet printers are not suitable for printing heavy colors or photos with refilled cartridges, although they work just fine when printing spot color. This is because the sponge-filled color cartridges typically don't hold much ink and must be refilled repeatedly.

  • Ad Agencies: Print quick-turn brochures for clients.

    Create samples for your clients. Then quickly print 1000 copies of the brochure in-house. You can have them ready in hours without a time-consuming quote cycle.

    Be sure to use the HP or Canon printers mentioned above for the best work.

  • Real Estate Agents: I want to print custom brochures.

    This is a great use of bulk ink. Be sure to use one of the printers mentioned above.

  • Insurance Agents: I want to save money printing proposals.

    Almost any inkjet printer can be refilled simply for this purpose.

  • Home School Moms: I want to print out curricula.

    Robison Curriculum is great until you have to print out all those books. Bulk Inks can really save you money.

  • Schools and Universities: The students burn through inkjet cartridges like crazy!

    Save lots of money with refilling. Teach one or two students how to refill for the entire college or school system and send the cartridges to them.