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What is the difference between standard toner and MICR Toner?

  1. What does MICR mean?

    MICR stands for "Magnetic Imaging Character Recognition." MICR characters are printed on the bottom of checks, and allow for highly accurate, automatic reading of checking account numbers and instititional routing numbers. MICR toner is commonly used by people who want to print their own checks.

  2. What is MICR Toner?

    MICR Toner is special toner which can be easily magnetized to form these readable MICR characters. Ordinary toner does not magnetize consistently enough to form readable MICR characters.

  3. Price

    You can't get something for nothing. MICR Toners cost more to make than standard toners, so they cost more. Check our pricing for details.

  4. Usability

    MICR Toners are specific to each cartridge. If a MICR toner is available for your cartridge, you can use MICR Toner in your cartridge. You will need to vacuum out the old standard toner before filling with the MICR Toner.

  5. Can I use MICR Ink in an inkjet printer?

    No. Inkjet printers and MICR do not mix. The liquid ink must flow out past a small resister which generates a substantial magnetic field. This field attracts the small magnetic particles which we would put into a MICR ink, clogging the inkjets. Thus, MICR ink is technically infeasible using present technology for inkjet printers. You will need a laser printer if you want to use MICR technology and print your own checks.

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