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What does "Christian Source" mean?

Very simply, it means that the we, the owners of the company (Brian and Saundra), are Christians, and operate our company according to Christian principles and ethics, including the Golden Rule. We also devote a certain portion of our website and time to spreading an understanding of Christianity.

Some other related Questions we've been asked

  • Do we sell to non-Christians?

    Of course. How else can we impress you with what nice people Christians are?

  • Do we hire non-Christians?

    Yes. For several years, an important employee of ours was a wonderful Moslem woman from Bangladesh. We have also had a regular assortment of atheists, Moslems, and "don't knows" who have worked for us.

  • Will you force me to become a Christian?

    No. First of all, it's impossible to do that. Secondly, it wouldn't be nice.

  • What does "Christian" mean?

    Christians are worshippers of Jesus Christ, who lived about 2000 years ago in the lands known today as Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank. We believe that Jesus was actually God, the Creator of the Universe, walking as a human on Earth. We have substantial archeological and historical evidence to support this position.

    Christians also believe that obtaining a good afterlife is only possible if you acknowledge Jesus to be God and in command of your life -- your Lord. Following the commandments of Jesus is something which all Christians attempt to do. The key commandment of Jesus affecting our relationships with other people is to "Love your neighbors". Thus, most mature Christians are rather nice people.

  • How do I find out more about Christian belief?Click Here.

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