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ACSI Refill Instructions
HP C5011AN (#14) Black Cartridges and C5010AN (#14) Color Cartridges

HP Deskjet CP1160 Series Printers and HP Officejet D135, D135xi, and D155xi

Updated April 25, 2002


The black cartridge is very simple. It is little more than a sponge-filled plastic box. The color cartridge is a simple three-chambered sponge-filled plastic box.


The black cartridge holds 23 ml of black pigmented ink. "Universal" style inks will not perform well in this cartridge, however, since the cartridge system requires a relatively acidic formulation. For good results, use ACSI's WJ-1021 pigmented black ink.

The color cartridge holds roughly 6 ml of each of the three color inks in seperate chambers. Use the following ACSI inks:

  • Cyan (Blue) - WJ-291
  • Magenta (Red) - WJ-688
  • Yellow - WJ-757


Be sure that you are wearing old clothes, since the first time you fill the cartridge, you will probably get some ink on your clothes and hands. You may wish to wear rubber gloves if you don't wish to stain your hands. We also don't recommend refilling as a family project -- it's amazing what a three-year-old can do with a pint bottle of highly concentrated ink! See our General Information for more details.

Step 2) Remove the label which on the top of the cartridge. Locate the fill hole(s). There is one on the black cartridge and three on the color cartridge.

Step 3) On the color cartridge, stick an unbent paper clip deep into each hole to determine the color in each chamber. Make a note of the colors in each hole.

Step 4) Re-insert the empty cartridge into the printer. You must refill the cartridges while they are in the printer!

Step 5) Black Cartridge: Using a syringe, fill through until full - about 20 ml or 1/2 of an ACSI syringe bottle.

Step 6) Color Cartridge: Using a different syringe for each color, fill the appropriate chamber until full - about 4 to 6 ml, or about 1 rib on an ACSI syringe bottle.

Step 7) Locate your Printer Owner's Manual. In the Owner's manual are instructions for using a refilled cartridge.

  • CP1160 -- Look near pages 9-10.
  • Officejet D-Series -- Pages 69 and 70.
  • Others -- We haven't yet had a chance to check their manuals.
Follow the instructions exactly. Be sure to push the buttons in the correct order to register the cartridge.

Step 7) Important: On these printers, if you run out of ink, your printheads will need to be replaced. Using a refilled cartridge means that your ink level indicator won't work. So don't trust the indicator. Instead, you must top off the cartridges on a regular basis when printing.

Alternative Method

Joy Siddiqi writes us:
I enjoyed reading your printer recommendations and have purchased ink supplies from you before. I have a couple of tips that I'd like to share. In your printer recommendations you note the HP 14 cartridges as tricky to refill. Actually, I think they are among the easiest, but I refill mine differently than your instructions. Simply remove the cartridge, turn it upside down, with label on the bottom. Simply drip the ink into the sponge with a syringe. I actually like an eye dropper better because it doesn't squirt. It is easy to see when sponge is full as the ink doesn't absorb as quickly. Also if it is too full some ink may come through the label on the back. This is not a problem, simply wipe off ink with a paper towel. With the color cartridges, two of the colors can be covered with tape while filling the other two cartridges to avoid contamination. However, this isn't necessary with a little care. Let the cartridges set a couple of minutes to saturate ! the sponges. Then turn cartridges upside down on a paper towel to blot. Insert back in printer and start printing. I've been refilling my 14 cartridges this way for years with no problems. It couldn't be easier.

To Clean Your Hands

On hands, the best substance to use is Ink Be GoneTM, a specially developed hand cleaner available from ACSI Bulk Inks. (To place an order, Click Here.)

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