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Refill Instructions
HP 51629A and 51629G Cartridge

Also C6614A (#20) Cartridges and some Apollo Cartridges.

This cartridge is often used with the HP 51649A Tri-Color Cartridge.

Updated November 15, 2001

Many different HP Deskjet 600 Series Printers


The ink in this cartridge is retained because the cartridge develops a slight vacuum.



Use WJ-163 Black Ink or WJ-1003 Pigmented Ink from ACSI Bulk Inks www.oddparts.com .

Step 1) Put the cartridge on some paper towels in an area where you can tolerate a spill.

Step 2) Tape over the bottom maze-like hole and the top center hole. Be sure that the top center hole seal is particularly air tight. Use black electrical tape -- not scotch tape or masking tape, since these are not air tight.

Step 3) HP has made two types of 51629A cartridge. Some have a top corner hole and some do not. Look for the top corner hole, which has a white plastic bead plugging it. (Many newer cartridges don't have such a hole.)

Step 4) If your cartridge has a hole, push the ball in the top corner hole into the cartridge with a ball point pen or similar device. Never insert anything sharp into the top center hole! We sell replacement beads.

If your cartridge does not have a corner hole, point the arrow toward you. On the top surface of the cartridge in the left rear corner, drill a 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) hole. If you don't have a drill, you may melt a hole by unfolding a large metal paper clip, heating one end with a lighter and melting a hole into the plastic cartridge. Be careful not to burn your fingers with the paper clip or the lighter!

Do not push the drill bit or paper clip deep into the cartridge, since you may snag the bag and cause an irreparable leak!

Step 5) Inject about 40 ml (one and one-third syringe bottles) of the ink into the top corner hole.

Step 6) Now you must seal the top corner hole air tight.

If your cartridge came with a top corner hole, we suggest using a plastic bead (available from our web site) to reseal the hole. Or, you may use hot glue, hot wax, or silicone rubber.

If you had to drill or melt a hole, we suggest using hot wax or hot glue, or silicone rubber.

Step 6) Now you must seal the top corner hole air tight. We suggest using hot wax or hot glue, or a plastic bead. Black electrical tape will often work. Whichever you decide to use, you should squeeze the cartridge just before sealing to set up the vacuum.

Step 7) Remove the tape.

Step 8) Set on a paper towel for an hour as a drip precaution. Expect a few drips until the vacuum stabilizes.

If it does not stabilize within an hour or so, take the cartridge, turn it upside down, take the needle off the syringe bottle and use the bottle to blow air into the (formerly top) center hole. Then set aside the cartridge to stabilize.

Troubleshooting a Leak

This cartridge can leak for the following reasons:
  1. If you stick something sharp into the top center hole, the cartridge will leak forever.
  2. If the seal applied to the fill hole is not air-tight, the cartridge will leak. Be sure not to use scotch tape or masking tape, since neither are air-tight.
  3. If you have a leak around the bottom maze-like hole, this may be able to be fixed with some glue. These leaks can be caused by a crack in the plastic around the hole, or caused by a rip in the interior bag.
  4. If you have ripped or punctured the interior bag, the cartridge will leak forever.

To Clean the Printhead

Clean the printhead only if the cartridge doesn't print or prints in streaks.
  1. Follow the directions in the printer manual.
  2. If that doesn't work, here's a quick and easy method to try next:
    • Turn on the hot water faucet and let the water get good and hot.
    • Stick just the copper printhead under the hot water for 3 to 5 seconds.
    • Remove the printhead and dry with a tissue.
    • Re-insert in the printer and run the printhead cleaning routine.
    • Print 2 pages. You should get dilute print for a half page or so and then good quality printing.
  3. If this doesn't work, soak only the printhead in simmering water for up to 2 hours. You may add up to 50 percent ammonia for tough clogs.

To Clean Your Sink

The ink is water-soluble. Use plenty of soap and warm water. You may also need to use Comet or a similar cleaner if the stains persist.

To Clean Your Hands

On hands, the best substance to use is Ink Be GoneTM, a specially developed hand cleaner available from ACSI Bulk Inks. (To place an order, Click Here.)

To Place An Ink Order

You can telephone us at 1-888-728-2465 (USA Tollfree) or 1+740-374-9949. You can also Order Online or by other ways including by Fax, or by Postal Mail, or by EMAIL.

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