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Inkjet Ink Pricing and Shipping Instructions

Pricing for Standard Inks

This covers most inkjet inks we sell. It does not cover toner prices.

Please note that large format printers and plotters may have inks with different pricing, and "Special Pigmented" inks will have different prices. These prices are found on the specific printer page at "Do We Support Your Printer"
Dye-based Inks
ContainerWeight lbs/kgsBlackColorsSet of Four InksPhoto Printer Set of Six InksPhoto Printer Set of Eight Inks
1 pint/470ml1.1/.5$21.95$23.95$89.00$139.00$185.00
1 Quart/940ml2.2/1$39.95$42.95$159.00$229.00$309.00
1 Gallon/3.8l8.8/3$129.00$149.00$550.00$825.00$1095.00
5 Gallon/18l43/20$495.00$595.00$2195.00$3375.00$4595.00

Common Pigmented Black/Dye-based Color Inks
ContainerWeight lbs/kgsPigmented BlackColorsSet of Four Inks
1 pint/470ml1.1/.5$34.95$23.95$99.00
1 Quart/940ml2.2/1$59.95$42.95$179.00
1 Gallon/3.8l8.8/3$229.00$149.00$650.00
5 Gallon/18l43/20$895.00$595.00$2595.00
For Pigmented Color or "Special Pigmented" ink pricing, please call.

Postal Ink Pricing

  • WJ 6091 Pad Re-inking Ink
  • WJ 6087 New Pad Inking Ink
  • WJ 698 E-700 769-0 Ink
  • WJ 6091 Re-inking Roller/Pad Flourescent Red

    ContainerWeight lbs/kgPricing($US)
    1 pint/470ml1.1/.5$23.95
    1 Quart/940ml2.2/1$41.95
    1 Gallon/3.8l8.8/3$149.00
    2.5 Gallon/9l20/9$349.00
    5 Gallon/18l40/20$650.00

    WJ 6087 New Roller/Pad Flourescent Red

    ContainerWeight lbs/kgPricing($US)
    1 pint/470ml1.1/.5$29.00
    1 Quart/940ml2.2/1$59.00
    1 Gallon/3.8l8.8/3$219.00
    2.5 Gallon/9l20/9$595.00
    5 Gallon/18l40/20$1095.00

    WJ 6080 for Pitney Bowes E700 769-0 Cartridge Flourescent Red

    This ink replaces WJ-6150, WJ-698, and WJ-6054 postal ink.

    Other cartridges supported include:UL>

  • Pitney Bowes 765-0
  • Ascom/Hasler Inkjet postal machines
  • NEOPOST Inkjet postal machines
  • HP cartridge-based postal machines
    ContainerWeight lbs/kgPricing($US)
    1 pint/470ml1.1/.5$79.95
    1 Quart/940ml2.2/1$149.00
    1 Gallon/3.8l8.8/3$469.00
    5 Gallon/18l40/20$1875.00

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    Empty Syringe Bottle Pricing

    One bottle US $7.50
    Set of four bottles US $15.00
    Box of forty bottles US $99.50
    Carton of five hundred bottles US $250.00

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