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Lexmark Inkjet Cartridge Refill Instructions

Lexmark has an interesting development with their inkjet cartridges which they began some years ago with toner cartridges. A court decision required Lexmark to allow their cartridges to be refilled. However, Lexmark would naturally prefer that you only buy from Lexmark. Thus, Lexmark has developed the following system: If you want to refill, you will need "A" version cartridges. Feel free to contact us to purchase these cartridges.

We also have bulk inks which allow you to refill your Lexmark cartridges at very low cost. For example, a typical 470ml 16-ounce pint bottle of black ink for common Lexmark cartridges is only $34.95. We also have color inks.

Additional refill instructions can be found at our refill instructions index page.

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