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ACSI Bulk Inks Payment Methods

We ship worldwide and accept payment by:

  • American Express Cards, including Optima, Blue, and other variations.
  • VISA Card
  • Mastercard
  • Discover (including Novus)
  • Eurocard
  • UPS COD Moneyorder - UPS charges an $8.50 COD fee. Payment must be made in Moneyorder, Cashier's check, or Certified check.
  • Bank of Canada Moneyorder or Cashier's cheque. - Please be sure to specify US dollars when purchasing.
  • Check in Advance - We may hold your order for ten business days to allow your check to clear. Checks are not accepted on international orders.
  • Payment terms. We only offer payment terms to United States Federal, state, and local government entities such as universities and public school systems.
  • Bank Transfer Contact us for more details. Bank Transfers often take 3 to 5 business days before we receive the funds.
  • Letter of Credit - LOC's must be confirmed, irrevocable, and drawn upon a USA bank. All fees to the purchaser.
  • Telegraph Transfer/Western Union. Western Union offers rapid payment options at a reasonable price. This may be our only acceptable payment method if you live in an area known for fraudulent payments. Western Union facilities are available in almost every major city on the planet. Click Here to locate an agent in your city. All fees to purchaser. Send the money to Brian Boley, Marietta, Ohio, USA. Be sure to send us an Email which includes your order, your name, your sending city, and the Western Union Confirmation number.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any particular form of payment and require payment by another method should we deem it wise to do so.

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