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A fact of life about the Real Estate business is that a major portion of an agent's expenses is the printing of materials. Agents need to print: This all adds up to hundreds of dollars per year.

Thankfully, new technology has resulted in major improvements for those agents willing to learn. Substantial costs can be cut.

The Digital Camera and the Internet

With the Digital Camera and the Internet, we've become accustomed to taking photos of our properties and putting them into MLS databases. When the potential buyer comes in, we now print out those photos by the dozen. How can that cost be reduced?

Best Printers

Every agent needs a top notch printer. A top notch printer is one that: According to our research and the feedback of our customers, the best printers on the market for Real Estate Agents today (Fall, 2003) are the Hewlett Packard Business Inkjet 1700dtn and others in the Business Inkjet family. These printers are available at Office Depot for under $300.

The 1700dtn has a 400 sheet capacity, combined with a very reliable feed mechanism rated at 5000 pages per month instead of the more common 3000 pages per month found on older printers. There are 4 independent, very large ink cartridges (one for each color), which are easy to refill. And the color printing is excellent.


Refilling the 1700dtn is simple. Since the cartridges are large, even heavy duty printing requires infrequent refills. And with Bulk Ink from ACSI Bulk Inks (oddparts.com), the price of a color page drops to a half cent plus the cost of the paper.


With the ability to print thousands of pages per month in 4-color at a low price, you can rethink your marketing plan. Instead of printing twenty copies of a flyer and waiting for people to drive by, you can print hundreds and saturate the area with a mailing or have them delivered to likely subdivisions.

Even small agencies can now print booklets which contain four color pictures of all the current listings.

Several versions of a booklet or flyer can be prepared instead of one large mailing. For example, you might know that one school district is going downhill and emphasize the good schools of your properties in a mailing to that district. Then, you might change the appeal to emphasize the retirement aspects of your mailing when mailing to an older subdivision.

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