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Help Your School System

If your school system is facing budget cuts, you can help. Print out this page and take it to your: (You can also email this page by clicking "File", then "Send".)

Printing Costs are High

Printing costs are very high in every school system. Almost every classroom has at least one computer and printer. Many ink cartridges cost $20 or more. Furthermore, many teachers report using a cartridge each month. This is a tremendous cost which must be borne by someone -- the teacher, or the taxpayer-supported school system.

Reduce Education Spending

Show your local educational people that bulk ink offers a great solution to the problem of high educational printing costs. Here's an example:
  1. Assume a typical Hewlett Packard printer uses ten black cartridges a year.
  2. Each cartridge costs about $25-$30. That's over $250 a year for ink!
  3. ACSI Bulk Inks (www.oddparts.com) can supply a pint of premium black ink -- enough for 10 or 11 refills -- for under $35. The cost of a blunt syringe bottle is $7.50. Shipping and handling is typically $6 or $7. The total cost is under $50 - a savings of 80%!
  4. The savings is even better when buying by the gallon - $229 for 80 refills.
  5. Repeat this on a school-wide or system wide scale. The savings could be thousands of dollars per school.

Printers Supported

ACSI Bulk Inks has bulk ink or toner for almost all Apple, Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Sharp, and Xerox inkjet and laser printers, as well as for many copiers. Pricing may differ for different models. We also have color ink and online instructions.

How to contact ACSI Bulk Inks

We can be contacted easily. Please know your printer manufacturer and model numbers before ordering.


Our web address is www.oddparts.com.

By Toll-Free Telephone

Our telephone number is 1-888-728-2465.


Purchase Terms

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit cards. We also accept valid purchase orders from public schools and colleges for Net 10 day payment. We also accept check with purchase.

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