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How to Make Money with ACSI Bulk Inks

Ok, so you'd like to make some extra money -- maybe even start a full time business? Here's how you can do it with our inkjet ink.

Plan 1 - Refilling Cartridges

When you buy our 450 ml bottles of ink, you are purchasing approximately enough ink to refill 8 typical HP inkjet cartridges -- or two dozen typical Canon cartridges.

Our selling price to you for that bottle of ink is about the same as a typical inkjet cartridge is sold for at the local office supply store. (If you look at our volume pricing, you'll see that you get a major discount when you purchase in 40 liter (5 gallon) buckets). Oh, yeh, you'll need some refilling equiPMent -- get a few syringe bottles. They'll be reusable.

Sometimes, it seems like the trickiest thing about the refill business is finding the hole in the cartridges. (We can sell you a book of instructions for $39.95 -- or just check the Web.) Be sure to look under the labels. Using the syringe bottle, squirt the ink into the cartridge. How long did it take? About a minute once you know what you are doing. So if you have a good supply of customers, you can refill many, many cartridges per hour.

Customers. Hm. You have to find customers.

Customers are found in many places. Walk through an office park. Almost every office has an inkjet printer. Some have several. And (more importantly), every office has people who have inkjet printers at home. Start running a route. Collect cartridges -- pay a dollar or so for empty cartridges -- and sell refilled cartridges back to people.

Look especially for advertising agencies and sign making companies. Look for colleges and universities. Find the people who refill laser printer cartridges and work out a joint arrangement with them. Get the local Scouts to collect used cartridges (pay them 50 cents each) and then sell refilled cartridges to the same people they collected the used cartridges from.

Look at the fund-raising opportunites. Get your local Junior Achievement involved. Feel free to set up a web page, buy our ink, and resell it to your customers.

Plan 2 - Sell Ink Refill Kits

Buy our syringe bottles and ink in bulk. Repackage the ink into the bottles. Sell two full syringe bottles with instructions as an inkjet refill kit. Feel free to set up a web page, buy our ink, and resell it to your customers.

Plan 3 - Sell Bulk Ink

If you check our prices carefully, you'll see that there is margin for you to buy ink in large bottles, put it into small bottles, and make money.

Alternatively, you can buy many small bottles of ink from us and sell those bottles. Our Dealer program describes the discounts and sales support available from us.

Bulk Ink in small bottles can be sold several ways:

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