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Bulk Laser Toner by The Bottle (TM)

Toner Pricing

Save 75 Percent on Your Laser Printing
with Laser Toner-by-the-Bottle!

Refill Instructions

Here's How:

The major companies sell their laser printers and copiers at very low prices. At our small family-run business, we thought this was a great deal -- after all, a personal copier for only a few hundred dollars sounds great, right?

A few months later, we ran out of toner and had to purchase a new cartridge. We'd been caught!
We had to pay nearly $100 for an toner cartridge! Now we knew why the copier was so cheap.
We had to do something. So we did.

Our original business is finding odd parts. Later, we started selling inkjet ink. So we did our detective work and found the factory which makes the toner for some of the printer companies. Now, we can offer bottles of bulk toner for reasonable prices
to the average laser printer or copier owner.

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Refilling Instructions

Let's distinguish between refilling a toner cartridge, and refurbishing a cartridge.
  • Refilling -- In this, you replace the bulk toner in the cartridge. This is about as complicated as changing the oil in your car. (In some cartridges you also have to replace the developer powder.)

    To Refill, do the following:

    1. Find the plug on the end of the cartridge. Usually it is milky white. (If you can't find the plug or remove it, it's ok to make a hole with a soldering iron on the top of the cartridge.)
    2. Remove the plug or make the hole.
    3. Vacuum out the cartridge by running a vacuum along the crack by the "pretty" gelatinous drum, or vacuuming out the hole. Don't touch the gelatinous drum!
    4. Pour in the toner.
    5. Replace the plug or seal the hole with duct tape.
    That's it! You can usually successfully refill a cartridge two or three times before it needs refurbished.

    For detailed refilling instructions, click here.

  • Refurbishing -- We have detailed 24 point instructions for this. This is similar in complexity to replacing the spark plugs and tuning up your car. (We only suggest you try this if you plan to refill dozens of cartridges.)

    We are still developing refurbishing instructions. The instructions for many cartridges can be found by clicking here and looking up your cartridge type.

Sample Pricing
Type PrinterPrice per Refill BottlePrice per 4 Refill Bottle Set
HP Laser Jet 1100$19.95$59.95
Brother TN560 $29.95$89.95
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As you can see, you can save quite a bit of money
if you are willing to do some of the work yourself.

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Five Most Common Reasons for Using Bulk Toner!
  • Price -- We save you 75 to 80 percent!
  • Convenience -- No need to drive long distances to find a new cartridge!
  • Independence -- You can stock up toner for months ahead!
  • Frugalness -- No wasted cartridges!
  • Environmentally Friendly -- Don't fill the landfills!

Our Moneyback Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our toner please let us know
and we will replace it free of charge or refund your money anytime within six months of purchase.
Saundra L. Boley, 1-304-622-5086
Automation Consulting & Supply, Inc.

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