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Who are We?

ACSI Bulk Ink Refills is a service of Automation Consulting and Supply, Inc., which is a company located 2 miles south of Lowell, Ohio, USA in Southeastern Ohio. We used to be located near Atlanta Georgia, but moved here in May, 2003 to escape the high costs of Atlanta and be closer to Brian's parents. ACSI is majority owned by Brian and Saundra Boley and is the sole source of revenue for us and our kids... What, Dear? Andrew turned six years old on September 23rd?... And Hollie got married a year ago in June? Heather in October?

Ian and Jessie are still here, right?...

Sorry. (Website development takes a lot of time.) (Please order lots of ink!)

We've been selling ink on the Web since 1997 -- much longer than those guys on TV. Anyway, we emphasize top service and excellent prices. We have over 30,000 customers. Be sure to check out our Home Page before you leave our site... Huh?

Ok, honey....Folks, Saundra says to be sure to recommend us to your friends -- even those unfortunate souls who can't get on the Web yet. And remember when you call us that those sounds you hear in the background are our small children (even though some people think they sound like birds).

A bit more background....

Brian used to work for Texas Instruments and later for a subsidiary of Matsushita called Aromat in their Factory Automation groups. He's a physicist, automated factories, writes HTML and CGI code, and advertising copy.

Saundra used to sell all sorts of products, including insurance, electronics, advertising, secretaries, and ran a family day care organization. (She clearly loves her work...three at home?...).

Until a couple of years ago, we both worked in and out of our home a couple of miles from the big rock called Stone Mountain, Georgia (you really ought to go visit it!), and home schooled the kids. But then we moved in April of 1999 to a real office.

In March, 2001 we decided to head for the country, so the office was moved to Loganville. (Well, we were actually, in downtown Youth, Georgia, USA if your map is that refined.) Then my parents found us an absolutely wonderful place up in rural southeastern Ohio near them that would save us a terrific amount of rent. So we loaded up the business and moved -- isn't the Internet great?

Today if you call in, you'll likely get one of the two of us on the phone, or possibly our son Ian, who helps out in many, many ways. And we still home school.

Before you leave our site, remember to check out our very special page.

Brian writes the web pages, including the Christian pages. If you like them, let us know. If you have questions about our beliefs, send us an email.

What is the Purpose of ACSI?

We began this business to find odd electrical parts for machinery manufacturers. Hence the name, "". However, we were led to the ink business by The LORD, and have tried to return as much as possible to Him. So we minister in our own ways.

Saundra takes phone calls from people who need to talk. Brian writes the Christian essays and answers emails from people asking about Christianity.

We've been told that our low-cost ink allows a missionary in Mexico to print teaching materials in the local language. Another organization keeps their printers running 24 hours a day printing brochures for their cheap Bibles. And many, many churches and youth pastors use our inks.

So we've decided that our purpose is to tell you about God and Jesus Christ, and the difference He can make for the big part of your life that is possible after your "death". While we do that we'll also try to save you money on ink and pay for our new house at the same time. We remember that Paul made tents for a living. We like the fact that our ink is used to promote the Word of God around the world while it keeps us fed.

And we now think of the "" in a different way. We believe that we are just some "odd parts" of the body of Christ, doing our individual function. What "odd part" are you?

What are we doing now?

We are now heavily involved in a campus ministry startup aimed at Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio. If you know students on campus, let them know about us, will ya?

We'd also like to go to seminary next week, but we still have substantial personal and business debts from the startup of our business which we need to eliminate before we can go. So we need you to help us with prayer, sending customers our way, and any other ways you can help us. Summertime and Christmas are particularly difficult for us since sales slow down.

We'd like to ask you to tell your friends, neighbors, schools and churches about us. We get most of our business from word-of-mouth referrals and from repeat business.

By the way, we can ship anywhere in the world allowed by USA export regulations, and we accept American Express, VISA, Discover, and Mastercard orders from most countries.

Now you need to look for your printer and ink to order :)

What's this? If you live in the USA, telephone us tollfree at 1-888-728-2465 9 AM to 6 PM EST, Monday-Thursday. We are often open evenings, so try us until 9 PM Eastern time. We close at 5 pm on Fridays, are open Saturdays from 9 AM to 12 Noon, and are closed on Sundays.

If located outside the USA, contact us at +1-304-622-5086 or FAX us at +1-304-622-6200.

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