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What does Innova Church believe?

Innova Church holds to traditional statements of Christian belief such as the Apostle's Creed, the Nicene Creed, and other documents that were developed during the Reformation. But what does that mean?

We're very ordinary in our theology. We agree on almost everything with most major Reformation denomimations, such as

Most of our disagreements with the above groups are minor from our point of view. We agree with them on the core of the faith, which is the Apostle's Creed. Perhaps the most significant disagreement which we have with most of the groups is their claim to be the only true Christians. We do not think that God will reject you if you have a minor disagreement in a fine point in doctrine, so we accept all of the above groups as Christian and believe that many members - but not all members - of each of these groups is saved by Christ. Notice we said "fine point".

In a similar way, we believe in almost all the same things that post-Vatican II Roman Catholics believe in and the Orthodox church believes in, with the exception of some of the meanings of Communion and baptism, the definition of the priesthood, the intercessionary power of departed saints (including Mary), and a few other issues. However, we fully accept that there are many saved Christians in the Roman Catholic Church and in the Orthodox Churches. But this is a series of disagreements within our family, the family of God.

We do not believe that non-Christians are saved, but non-Christians are to be loved as much or more than our fellow Christians. Non-Christians are always welcome at our services - call ahead if you'd like to get some basic ideas of what to expect, or just show up if you are confident.

Let's look at some of our key doctrinal points:

Every church is influenced by writers and speakers, even those who claim to "accept only the Bible" for their ideas. But the Bible must be interpreted by each person and group of people in each new generation. Several of the historical post-Biblical Christians whose writings have influenced us include Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin, C.S. Lewis, Francis Shaeffer, and Brian D. McClaren.

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