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The Statler Brothers: Today's Gospel Favorites
Statler Brothers CD: $11.49 Includes:
  1. Turn Your Radio On
  2. A Different Song
  3. Blessed Be
  4. Love Lifted Me
  5. Jesus Is The Answer Everytime
  6. Just a Little Talk With Jesus
  7. Precious Memories
  8. Rock Of Ages
  9. I Believe I'll Live For Him
  10. I'll Fly Away
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Featured Books

  • God Up Close : How to Meditate on His Word

    God Up Close Paperback
    List Price: $11.99
    Discounted Price: $9.59
    By Doug McIntosh.
    This is a neat, short book by a conservative evangelical writer and pastor who wants to dispel the notion that meditation is something for "New Age" mystics. On the contrary, he points out the proper use of meditation in the Holy Bible, and suggests a technique where Christians studying the Bible can better understand the Word of God.

    By the way, Dr. McIntosh has been fully or partially responsible for the establishment of dozens of churches in the US and around the world.

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  • Mere Christianity

    Mere Christianity Paperback
    List Price: $7.00
    Discounted Price: $5.60
    By C.S.Lewis
    Probably the single best book on Christianity written in the 20th Century. This book developed from a series of World War II radio lectures given by the author. The intent is to show what "Christians" believe -- not what any single sect or denomination believes. And the author succeeds in this goal.

    If you are attempting to understand the beliefs of mainstream Christianity, this is the best survey book that you can find. The points made are significant; the arguments are clear and rational; the conclusions are debatable, but are certainly non-trivial. If you have failed to find a Christian who can defend his faith clearly, you will enjoy this book -- for Lewis understands his faith and the rational basis for it very, very well.

    If you are a growing Christian, Mere Christianity is a classic and should be read.

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  • The Chronicles of Narnia (Boxed Set)

    The Chronicles of Narnia Paperback (Boxed Set -- 7 books):
    List Price: $34.65
    Discounted Price: $27.72
    By C.S.Lewis
    If you enjoyed Tolkien's Middle Earth, you'll love this set!

    The world of Narnia -- with Aslan the Lion, the Beavers, and the Children -- is an allegorical fantasy world in which evil is evil and good is good. Our heros the Children leave 20th Century England to step into a world of good and evil magic, of heros, witches, and of good talking animals. Soon, the Children find that they are not mere spectators -- they are to be the heros -- or the villains!

    These books are intended for ages 9 to 12 (although my son Ian enjoyed reading them at ages 7 and 8). Unlike some modern stories, Lewis remembered this and developed characters which are very real in their failings -- yet have a clear knowledge of what is right and just. Your children will not be confused about right and wrong after reading these!

    Lewis did not write trivial stories, however. These books are recommended for adults as well, for the allegory embedded in the stories is rich enough for multiple readings, yet the stories are pleasantly involving.

    At the deeper level, these books take on a subject no less profound than the retelling of Creation and the Garden, the coming of Christ and His Death and Resurrection, and the End of the World. For the parent who reads ahead and discusses the books with his children, Narnia offers many opportunities to teach Christian ideas.

    Contained in the set are:

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