A Simple Overview of Christian Belief

Christianity belief is intricately tied to the person of Jesus Christ. This paper is a short overview of what Christians believe.

Who is Jesus Christ?

Christians believe through solid historical, literary, archeological, and personal evidence that Jesus Christ lived on Earth about 2000 years ago, and is God. God is the name given to the all-powerful, all-knowing Being which created the Universe and maintains control of everything in the Universe which He wishes to control.

Primary Historical Evidence

The primary sources for the life of Jesus Christ on Earth are the four seperate books written in the late first century A.D. known as the Four Gospels. The Gospels are known by the names of their authors -- Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. In the mid fourth century, these books were assembled, along with other key Christian writings, into a collection known as the New Testament. (The Old Testament is the collection of Jewish sacred writings which describe the history, laws, and traditions of the Jewish people. Together, the Old and New Testaments are often published as the Christian Bible.)

Non-Christian Historical Evidence

Several non-Christian sources also discuss the existence of Jesus Christ and his key claim.

Literary Evidence

A key question is "Why should we believe that the writings of the New Testament are valid?" There are several key reasons: