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The Passion of the Christ - a Preview

The Mel Gibson movie The Passion of the Christ is upon us after two years of promotion. What do I think of it?

First, let me say that I have not seen the movie yet. I'll write more after seeing it.

What I want to write here is a Pre-view of the movie, sufficient background for you to understand the movie before you go.

The movie will be filled with blood, gore, and violence. Why? Because it happened. Keep this in mind as you watch the movie. Mel Gibson, a conservative Catholic Christian, was very careful to follow the available knowledge from the eyewitness accounts we know as the Four Gospels, and to add in the currently available archeological knowledge about Roman times in 1st Century Palestine.

Why was the movie made in Latin, Aramaic, and Greek? Because the ancient languages help drawn you into the time better than more traditional Shakespearean-accented English does. Once again - it happened that way. Feel it.

Why did Gibson gloss over the Sermon on the Mount and other traditional depictions of Christ? Because he understands that the Sermon on the Mount, turning water into wine, walking on water, and other similar miracles performed by Jesus were peripheral to why Jesus came to Earth. Jesus, the unique Son of God, came to Earth for the express purpose of becoming a sacrifice to pay the fines for every time you and I have lied, cheated, stealed, lusted, hated, and otherwise acted in a less-than-godly manner! The twelve hours depicted in this movie are the most important hours in history.

In ancient times, in every ancient religion, men who disobeyed God were fined by being forced to sacrifice something of great value - a bull, a cow, or a perfect lamb. In Jewish law, the sacrificed animal must be perfect. This meant that the owner did not just lose the immediate value to the bull -- he lost the best breeding stock for the future! The sacrifice was extremely valuable. A typical sacrifice was the equivalent of a month's pay or more.

God saw that man could not keep the law. Yet God has such perfect integrity that He would not change the Law just because it was "too hard" for us. Instead, He paid the fines for us. The Passion of the Christ shows us His manner of paying the fines. He had His Son - the most valuable and perfect being in the Universe - sacrificed to pay the fines in order that we might then be able to approach God directly without a debt being owed.

One other integral point to Christian thought: Christ would have been sacrificed if only you or I had disobeyed God. Christ's love was that strong.

A big deal has been made about who killed Christ -- Romans, Jews, or who? Mature Christians have always known exactly who killed did....and so did I.

See you at the movie. Call us after you've seen the movie if you want to talk. 1-888-728-2465

Copyright 2004, Brian L. Boley. All Rights Reserved